This article describes the steps involved to decide whether a file should be imported

Once a Connected app is configured, Zendoc continuously monitors it to identify which files should be imported on the platform.

Depending on the connected app, the options available will differ.

We'll describe the process using the Dropbox app.

Once the Dropbox app connected to Zendoc (see how to connect Dropbox app), the AI monitors the folders that have been selected by the user:

  1. Zendoc looks for files that are compatible with the platform (see Zendoc supported file types). Files that have been found (not yet analyzed) are numbered as Candidate files. This number is displayed on the Dropbox card.
  2. In order to avoid duplicates, files that have already been imported into Zendoc are ignored by the AI.
  3. The AI will then start importing files and analyze them. Files that are imported are numbered as Imported files. The files that are imported are different based on your settings:
    1. All Files: all supported files are imported, which means that all the Candidate files will become Imported files.
    2. Auto-detect: only contracts, invoices and purchase orders will be imported. Each Candidate file is analyzed by Zendoc's AI to understand if it's a legal document. Therefore there is a high chance your number of Imported files will be lower than the number of Candidate files

Candidate files: all files that are compatible with Zendoc (based on their file type).

Imported files: files that are actually imported on the platform based on connected app settings.