Tags are the core of Zendoc's AI power. They highlight key information and are very important for automation

Automatic Tagging

When adding a new app to Zendoc, it will be scanned by its advanced AI and legal documents found in the repository will automatically be analyzed and tagged.

For more details on how to add connected apps, please check out the dedicated knowledge base section.

The tags are visible in your documents as highlighted text and in the left column as categorized chips. 

When opening a document for the first time, there should already be tags added. Don't worry! This is perfectly normal. They are the ones that have been added automatically during the first analysis of your document.


The logic of these tags is based on the default ones listed in the "Tags" section.

Manually Tag a Document

You can add your own tags to your documents. This is important for several reasons:

  • It makes key information easier to find when browsing your document.
  • It updates suggestions while searching.
  • It educates the AI to better understand your documents in the future.

To manually tag your document, proceed this way:

  1. Open a document, either via the Documents view or the search.
  2. Select a chunk of text in your document.
  3. Select the type of tag that your chunk of text corresponds to.
  4. Edit the name of the tag, and save.

Your tag has been added to your document.

INFO: You can edit your tags at any time to change their label or logic.

Transform your Tags in Automation

You can create automation (for example, alerts) that are based on your own tags. When a new document is found where the logic of a tag you added applies to it, it will trigger the automation.

For more information, please check out the dedicated knowledge base section.

Video Tutorial