This article lists the tags detected by Zendoc on documents


Tag NameDescriptionRemarks

Clause TypeName of the clause in a document (e.g. Confidentiality, Arbitration, Terms). A contract usually have multiple of these tags, one per clause.
Contract Expiration DateExpected date when the contract will terminate if no action is performed by any of the parties.
For contract requiring renewals (non automatic), the expiration date is the next renewal date.
For evergreen contracts, the value becomes "Evergreen"
This tag is calculated automatically from the term tags
Contract ValueValue with currency of the contract. For a commercial order, captures the total transaction for example.

Document Reviewed
True if the document has been reviewed (see Status at the top). This value can be changed by clicking on the icon at the top of the document.
User set only
Document StatusStatus of the document. Can take the following values:
- Active: Document is active
- Draft: Draft of a given document
- Pending: Document with an effective date in the future
- Terminated: Document has expired or terminated prematurely.
- Unknown: Default state when importing a document into Zendoc
User set only
Document TitleTitle of the document. A title is generated automatically by Zendoc from the type of the document and the parties involved in the contract. It can be modified by the user
Document TypeThe type of document (e.g. NDA, Commercial Lease).
Effective DateEffective date of the document
EvergreenTrue for evergreen contracts, False otherwiseThis tag is calculated automatically from the term tags
Execution DateDate when the document, usually a contract was executed. If multiple signature dates are present, the last date is retained. This value can also be extracted from signed PDF document or from connected apps like Docusign
Extension Expiration DateFor contract with extension terms, represents the date when the extension will expire. This is also the date when the contract expires. Can be Evergreen
Extension Term DurationThe duration in days, months or years of the extension term
Extension Term OccurrencesThe number of time the extension term can be renewed. The absence of tag means an infinite number of occurences
File nameThe original file name for the document
File typeThe file type of the document (e.g. PDF, DOCX)
Form NameFor documents containing forms, this tag contains the name of the form
Governing LawGoverning Law of the contract
Imported DateDate when the document was imported into Zendoc
Imported FromSource used to import the document. For example, can be GMail, Docusign or Manual for documents that were dragged and dropped into Zendoc
Imported From FolderA list of tags indicating which folder the document was imported from. For example if a file in Dropbox was located in Contracts/Sales, two of these tags will be added with values "Contract" and "Sales"

Imported From PathFull path as a string where the document was imported from
Inconsistent Contract
Value set to True or False if the contract state is inconsistent with the term definition. For example, a contract with a Status set to active for which the contract expiration date has passed.
This tag is calculated automatically from other tags in the document
Initial Expiration Date
Indicate the expiration of the initial term of the contract. If only one term is present, this value is equaled to the Contract Expiration Date

Initial Term DurationDuration of the initial term of the contract

Initial Term OccurrencesNumber of occurrences of the initial term.
Usually always equal to one

For commercial contract, stores the jurisdiction of the contract
PartiesName of the parties involved in the contract. Note that these are not necessarily the person signing the contract
Party's locationLocation of each party
Renewal DateIndicates the next renewal date for the contractThis tag is calculated automatically from the term tags
Renewal NoticeIndicates the minimum delay required to renew a contract before it expires. Currently stored as a string.
for example: "30 days before expiration"

Termination DateDate when the contract was terminated.
This value will soon change to Terminated Date
Termination NoticeIndicates the minimum delay required to terminate or cancel a contract before it gets automatically renews. Currently stored as a string.
for example: "30 days before expiration"

Terms auto renewTrue if the term of the contract is set to automatically renew
Tickle DateA tag that can be used to get a reminder on a specific dateUser set only

Please note that the following tags are being deprecated

  • Document Date
  • Other Notice